Luis Fonsi Speaks On the Devastion of Puerto Rico

Luis Fonsi, a native of Puerto Rico, spoke with Billboard's Latin Connection about the devastation following Hurricane Maria.

Fonsi told Billboard, "I’m trying to put my best face before I go onstage knowing the world is upside down." "The first show I had after Maria, I felt embarrassed to go out onstage. I didn’t have the energy."

Fonsi is currently on tour and finds it difficult celebrating his success while battling the events in Puerto Rico. It wasn't until recently that Luis, as well as members of his team, were able to contact their families. 

Listen below to find out how Fonsi plans to help those affected by the hurricane:

Latin Connection - Luis Fonsi on helping his native Puerto Rico. The story behind Beyonce's "Mi Gente" remix. | Latin Connection Podcast on acast

During a tour stop in Chicago, days after Hurricane Maria, Luis Fonsi spoke about his mixed emotions, balancing the joy of his tour and the anguish of his homeland's situation.