Five Artist-Teased Collabs We NEED to Become a Reality in 2018


#1. Shawn Mendes & Logic

Shawn Mendes spent the second half of 2017 working on his third album. While he has been pretty tight lipped about the direction he is going with on his new album, he may have given away a little clue on Twitter about a future collaboration.

When a fan asked Logic if he would ever do a collab with Shawn, Logic responded, “Well, wouldn’t that be something?” To add more fuel to the fire of our collaboration dreams, Shawn “liked” Logic's response on Twitter. 


#2. Drake & The Weeknd

It’s been a minute since these Toronto natives released a collaboration. In 2011, Drake released the track “Crew Love,” which was The Weeknd’s first major feature in the music scene. 

This past August during the eighth annual OVO Fest, Drake brought out The Weeknd as a surprise guest. He even went on to commemorate the moment on Instagram with the caption “You don’t know … what’s in store … ”

While we may not know "what’s in store," we hope we find out soon from these two!

#3. Liam Payne & ZAYN

This year, Liam stopped by Buzzfeed to play with rescue puppies and answered some questions we’ve ALL been dying to know.

When asked, “If you could collaborate with one member of 1D, who would it be and why?” Liam responded, “I think I could collaborate best with ZAYN because we do really similar type of music.”

#4. Hailee Steinfeld & Drake

Neither artists are strangers to collaborations. In 2017 Hailee graced the cover of Cosmopolitan and said she has her sights set on a collaboration with Drake.

#5. Selena Gomez & Marc E. Bassy

Selena and Marc were spotted hanging out with a group of mutual friends recently, and we couldn’t help but imagine what these two would sound like with Selena’s ever-changing music style and Marc’s smooth R&B/pop tracks. It would be a match made in music heaven.

What collaborations would you love to see in 2018? Let us know on Twitter @digsterplaylist